Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday's Top Five 1 - All time Albums That Have Not Gained Proper Recognition - Untill Now

In what will be a weekly feature, Curbing will announce the top five in whatever category we happen to choose. We may be open to requests.

1)All Things Must Pass - George Harrison (1970)

Although George has passed, this masterpeice lives on to the delight of all things that have not. The unique musical sound produced on this album has not come close to being duplicatd since. The sitar solo on "Isn't it a Pity?" is absolutely heart - stirring. "My Sweet Lord", "Wah Wah", ''Beware of Darkness" - these are just a few of the precious gems that are on this album. The truth is, every song on "All Things Must Pass" is a jewel.

2) White Trash With Money - Toby Keith (2006)

Altough this album won't necessaraly contribute a disproportionately large number of songs to Toby Keith's next greatest hits album, it
assumes a prominent position on this list because of the consistent quality of each song. Standout songs include "A Little Too Late", "Can't Buy You Money'', "Crash Here Tonight" and of course "Get Drunk and Be Somebody".

3)Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles (1967)

Any legitimate greatest album ranking already grants this work a slot in the top twenty, but not until a good few Beatles albums have been listed. "Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Rubber Soul", and "Abbey Road" are always listed before this masterpiece. While those masterpieces have their rightful spots among the greatest of all time, MMT deserves even more recognition. Aside from the super smash hits "Hello Goodbye" "Strawberry Fields Forever""All You Need Is Love" and the magesterial "Penny Lane, " this album also contains underrated treasures such as "Fool on the Hill", "I am the Walrus ", and "Baby You're a Rich Man". This just might be the Fab Four's greatest masterpiece.

4) Haneshama Lach - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (1959)

As the seminal album of all modern jewish music, this abum deserves more recognition than it receives. Sure, Carlebach himself is a celebrated musician, composer, and vocalist, but this album particularly is deserving of more credit. If "Haneshama Lach'', "Mimkoimcha" and "Ki Lishuascha" do nothing for you then you just might not have a heart. Additionally, the vocal performance on this album is Carlebach's best.

5)Hillbilly Deluxe - Brooks and Dunn

The featured song alone would make this a great album. Toss in ''Believe'', ''Building Bridges'', and '' Play Something Country'' and this album's selection is a no - brainer

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